What handy hack did you learn from Google?

Thursday, October 24, 2019 9:44 am
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Kirste, Corey and Morro from The Breakfast Show share the hacks they’ve learnt online.


Kirste’s been dealing with a situation at home, it’s been driving her crazy for years and she’s finally decided to deal with it.

“It’s Tim isn’t it?” asked Morro.

“No!”, Kirste replied, “My husband is never a problem.”

Kirste is talking about those little-black-midgy-fly-things. (Does someone even know what they’re called?)

Kirste thinks it’s gotten worse since the new bin system. Now they have a separate bin for food scraps, it takes a while to fill the bin, so the scraps sit out for ages attracting the flies. She’s tried all the different sprays and they don’t work!

“They come out of nowhere and I’m sick of them.” she said, “so I Googled it.”

Google told Kirste to put a dash of wine and a dash of detergent in a cup, mix it around and leave it out of the bench. So last night that’s what Kirste did and this morning she woke up to about 20 of them dead in the cup!

It was such a handy tip that Kirste learnt from Google, so she wants to know, what are some other helpful hacks that you’ve learnt from Google?

Corey reckons Google has saved him over $1000. He recently had to change the brake pads and window wipers in his car, so he Googled it and fixed them himself!

Some hacks the Family shared this morning:

Uttam from Maddington called up to tell us about how he cooked the GPU chip from his laptop in the oven! The chip was malfunctioning, making his laptop not work. After a quick Google, he found that cooking it in the oven for 1 minute would resolve the issue. He took the chance and it brought his laptop back to life!

The electric window in Yulian from Gosnells’ car stopped working. So he Googled it and learnt how to fix the little motor inside. He’s done it about 5 times and now he’s an expert.

Cherie from Mt Pleasant, husband works FIFO. “I swear the appliances in the house only stop working when he’s away!” she said. When her washing machine stoppped working she found out that it was a very quick fix, she just had to press one button!

Thanks for sharing your Google hacks with us Family. We can’t wait to find out what else we can learn online! If you’ve got another handy tip for us text us or join the conversation on Facebook.

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