Latest Scams Western Australians Should Be Aware Of

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 3:09 pm
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Most of us have been confronted with some kind of phone or internet scam.Polls Apart

While many are blatantly false there are still scam artists out there successfully swindling people out of their hard earned money. Amy McCarthy joined Mike to discuss some of the latest scams to watch out for and what people can do if they come across a Scam or think they’ve been scammed.

WA ScamNet, gathers information from consumers and businesses then profiles scams that target Western Australians.  ScamNet uses the information to keep Western Australians up-to-date with the latest scams affecting the community, as well as undertaking scam disruption activities.

“People come to us when they’re already a victim. We can help to work out what’s happened with the fraud and give advice. Such as to contact their bank immediately if they’ve transferred money. Usually they won’t be able to get money back.”

Romance Scams

With yesterday being Valentine’s Day, consumer protection agencies across Australia are currently reminding people to be wary of romance and dating scams, which are on the rise. Listen to Marie’s story here. When it comes to love, it is important to listen to your head as well as your heart:

  • Do some online checks. Reverse image search to find out if their profile pic is legitimate.
  • Communicate within the dating app and be wary of people who seek to immediately move the online conversation elsewhere
  • Look for red flags when the online love interest makes up excuses for not being able to carry out simple requests or starts asking for money for investments, medical treatment, travel costs to visit or other reasons that are designed to pull at the heart strings.
  • Report suspicious people as dating apps can remove the profile of those reported to be a potential scammer. This will benefit others on the dating app who are also in contact with that person.
  • Never to transfer money to, or share bank account details with, someone you have yet to meet in person.
  • Be careful of your personal information you are with the person you’re dating online – don’t share your personal identification documents like a driver licence or passport.

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