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As lead guitarist of the heavy metal band KoRn, Brian “Head” Welch spent over a decade living a life of drugs, alcohol and other vices and needed a change. As a result, by the time he was 35, he had reached rock bottom. Instead of letting his life slip away into oblivion, Brian had an experience with God which changed his life.



Now Brian’s story has been turned into an incredible documentary, Loud Krazy Love. The film documents the band’s rise to fame, and the struggles that came along with it. Central to the story is the change brought on by the birth of Brian’s daughter Jennea. Brian credits this moment as one of the main reasons for turning his life around.

Loud Krazy Love is currently screening around the country. Mel and Jeziel had the pleasure of chatting to Brian about the film. In short, there was so much to talk about that we’re uploading a full, mostly unedited version here! Check out the amazing story of Brian’s life below:

While Brian’s story is fascinating and worth hearing, the film is not suitable for people under 18. It is a very raw and gritty look into the life Brian lived. It contains adult language and references.

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