GoFundMe page for Koala Hospital raises over $1MILL

Friday, November 22, 2019 12:15 pm
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Every day The Breakfast Show brings you Top That: The top news stories according to us. The breaking stories in Perth, Australia and the world! Today Kirste shared a story that will hopefully help sooth some of the heartache caused by the raging NSW bushfires.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital created a GoFundMe page to raise the urgent funds needed to care for koalas affected by the devastating NSW bushfires. With an initial target of $25,000, the total donations are 40 times that at $1,200,000!

“We are overwhelmed and humbled with gratitude for the support and care shown by people from all over the world for our efforts to care for koalas now and to try to ensure that we still have koalas for generations to come,” the hospital said.


The extra funds will be used for extra drinking stations to share with other wildlife organisations in fire-affected regions across New South Wales. The hospital can now afford a water carrying vehicle with fire fighting capabilities to replenish the drinking stations with water as needed.  PLUS there are enough donations to establish a wild koala breeding program.

It’s estimated that 350 koalas have already died from these catastrophic fires, affecting a population that has been severely devastated over the last hundred years. Fortunately for this koala below, he was saved by a very brave lady who used the shirt off her back to rescue him and bring him into the hospital.

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