Kirste’s Movie Club: The Proposal

Monday, March 29, 2021 3:38 pm
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The Proposal - Kirste's Movie Club - 98five Movie Reviews

When Kirste found out there was a loooong list of classic movies Dan and Producer Leon hadn’t seen, she knew something had to be done. And thus, Kirste’s Movie Club was born. This week it was another Sandra Bullock hit, The Proposal.

This week we round out Kirste’s Movie Club with “The Proposal” from 2009. The story unfolds with Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) working away as the personal assistant to hard nosed Margaret (Sandy B) in a New York publishing company. Margaret finds out she is being deported back to Canada after a paperwork issue. The obvious solution that she comes to is… PRETEND SHE IS MARRYING ANDREW? Of course…

Dan’s Review:

Hi-jinks ensues, they head to Alaska to meet Andrew’s family etc etc… and what’s do you know they actually end up falling in love! Crazy right? Look… at the end of the day, this is actually an enjoyable watch. Ryan Reynolds is always a great time and elevates any film he is in. 4/5 small white fluffy dogs.

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