Kirste’s Movie Club: P.S. I Love You

Monday, February 22, 2021 12:24 pm
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When Kirste found out there was a loooong list of classic movies Dan and Producer Leon hadn’t seen, she knew something had to be done. And thus, Kirste’s Movie Club was born.

Ps I Love You - 98five editionThis week the boys were lucky enough to endure the 2007 classic PS I Love You. Starring Gerard butler and Hilary Swank, this heart wrenching rom-com follows the widow Holly (Swank) as she deals with the untimely death of her husband Gerry (Butler). Things get interesting (finally) when letters from Gerry begin to show up, encouraging Holly to get out and enjoy life without her husband. Gerry had planned the whole thing before passing away, even organising a trip to his native Ireland.

Eventually, with the help of the letter and her two best friends, Holly finds a new career, learns to love again, and can happily move on from Gerry.

Dan’s Thoughts:

This movie is…. cute. It was not completely painful to watch but this movie is problematic. Apart from Gerard Butler’s accent, the whole set up of the love affair I find creepy. They meet on the side of the road in a national park and then 5 minutes later they are smooching. But look…. I’m not the target market for this film. So I’m gonna say 2.5/5 stars.

Leon’s Thoughts:

Look, it’s not a bad movie. The idea of organising nice letters for your loved one after your death is very lovely. But I did find it hard to actually like Gerry. The movie opens with a nine-minute argument between Gerry and Holly, before the opening credits. When we return, he’s dead. It’s not exactly an endearing introduction to his character. Nor Holly for that matter. We do eventually get to know him a bit better through flashbacks. Also who signs their name on someone else’s birthday cake? Anyway, nice idea, sorta average movie. 3/5

To hear what we all thought of the movie, check out the podcast below:

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