How did your car die?

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 11:52 am
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Kirste shared some emotional news yesterday. There was a passing in her family… her beloved Volvo has died and this is how it happened.

Kirste hasn’t really been driving the Volvo for a few months, she bought a new car and was tossing up whether to keep it for one of her daughters. So it was just sitting at home and the brakes needed to be changed. So she had a mechanic come to the house to do the service.

Everything seemed fine until a few days later when Kirste went to move it, she reversed it out of the garage and oil poured out from underneath. So she rang the mechanic and he came back with no appointment and no extra charge. He spent an hour underneath cleaning it up and assured Kirste there was no lead. He said,

“it looks like they just overfilled the oil last time you had it serviced.”

At this point, Kirste was so appreciative of this mechanic for coming back the same day and not charging her again. Everyone was happy and they started driving the Volvo again. Until, they heard a noise, a bad noise, a clunking, knocking noise.

This time they called a different mechanic for a second opinion. It didn’t take much of an inspection for this mechanic to come up with this diagnosis, it was terminal. The engine had sustained severe damage due to no oil.

She’s worth nothing at the moment and will cost thousands to fix, so that’s it, she’s dead.

So The Brekky Show would like to know, how did your car die? Was it as heart breaking as The Volvo? Join the conversation on Facebook!

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