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“Sometimes I don’t think about things enough, before I do things”, Kirste admitted. “Especially with Radiothon last week, I was a bit more fried than normal.”

Last Friday, after we successfully finished our Radiothon Appeal early, the 98five team had lunch together. Bevan, our CEO, ran down to the shops and bought a whole load of different foods. We had Nandos chicken, KFC chicken, roast chicken, roast pork, cheese and crackers and some token greens. There was also an assortment of drinks, juice, Coke, sparkling water and all the rest.

“I poured myself a glass as I was chatting away to Producer Rachel, and I was parched, I’d been doing a lot of talking that day. So I threw it back, I sculled it. As I was drinking I thought ‘hm, this tastes a bit funny’ but I kept going because it took my brain a few seconds to talk to my stomach and my stomach a few seconds to talk to my brain. Then I stopped drinking after I’d finished half of it, and realised it was not juice like I thought… it was straight, undiluted cordial.”

It was too late for Kirste, she ran out of the room. She had to throw back a few glasses of water. So she carried on home, mentally exhausted from the week we had and unable to sleep.

“I was so tired, I needed to lie down, but there was so much sugar in my blood that I was fidgety.”

Kirste got a nasty shock after sculling what she thought was juice...

This was basically Kirste’s reaction.

So Kirste has to ask, when have you accidentally consumed something that you weren’t expecting? It can be anything! Text us, email us or send us a message on socials.

Our favourite caller from this morning had to be Robert.

While on his lunch break at work, Robert was enjoying some chocolate covered raisins, except he doesn’t like the raisin part. So he nibbled the chocolate off and left his half-consumed raisins on a plate on the table. Shortly after another colleague joined him who loves raisins, so before Robert could stop him, his colleague had eaten his scraps!

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