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You may recall a few months ago when Kirste was absent from the airwaves. You may not have known, unless you sent us a message asking where she was, but she was actually taking a few weeks off for a mental health break.

This came off the back of a really stressful, long period in her life and in a vulnerable moment this morning on The Brekky Show, Kirste very openly shared about that time.
She was so rundown that her body just couldn’t cope. After seeing a psychologist she found that her body was having a physical reaction to this stress. Her brain and nervous system just said “no, stop, this is too much”. Kirste is a resilient person and a self-confessed people pleaser so she had a really hard time actually admitting that she wasn’t ok and that she needed some time off work. She was embarrassed and even felt guilty asking for help.

“I thought, I’m a mum, I can do this, I just have to keep pushing on.”

Now that she has seen a psychologist she’s feeling healthier than ever and she shared her story today because she wants you to be able to say “I’m not ok” and get the help you need.

Have a listen to what Kirste had to say about her mental health break below:


If you are feeling overwhelmed or having difficulty coping or staying safe call Life Line on 13 11 14 You are not alone, Life Line is available 24/7.


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