Kirste enjoys watching Morro struggle

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 5:27 pm
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It’s usually Morro giving Kirste a hard time so while over in Nepal for Miracles Day with CBM Australia, she thought it was about time he experienced some hard work in return.

A brave Nepalese rickshaw owner handed over the controls to Morro for him to chauffeur Kirste and their friendly local guide around town.

But it doesn’t look like Morro will be getting a rickshaw job any time soon with his dismal result.

(Please note: no rickshaws were harmed in the making of this video, in fact, locals seemed to find joy in filming Morro)

The duo have a more serious job tomorrow — helping raise 98five’s 2000 miracles goal of restoring sight to those suffering from cataracts. It’s just $32 to give a Nepalese in great need the gift of clear vision again!

Back at the 98five studio, we tested how it would look for someone suffering from cataracts to watch the team working around the office.

98five family with Henry GPB2015

The 98five family with Henry Olonga. L-R: content director Beth, Jazz Show's Michael, GM Bevan, Henry, Nights and Sundays host JD

Tune into 98five from 6am to 6pm Thursday 27 August for your opportunity to make a miracle happen.

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