Kirste celebrates Morro’s dummy spit

Thursday, September 3, 2015 5:34 pm
Reading Time: 1 minute

For those playing at home, before Kirste and Morro’s Nepal trip, round one of the duo’s Daily Derby competition saw West Coast Eagles supporter Morro lose to avid Freo Dockers fan Kirste.

While the West Coast chaplain was hoping an overseas adventure would mean his punishment was all but forgotten…there was no way Kirste was letting him off the hook.

And one could say Morro didn’t quite take it all that well.

Kirste, on the other hand, took her win extremely well, and couldn’t wait to take Morro to a Dockers training session wearing a lot more purple than he ever vows to wear again.

Check out Morro’s dummy spit, in which Kirste’s car may have taken the full brunt of his losing rage.

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