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You know that feeling you get when you roll into work on Monday morning with a spring in your step? As hard as a Monday usually is, all it can take is one big win over the weekend to set up your week.


That’s exactly what Kirste wanted to do this morning for Wins for the Weekend. One thing you might not know about Kirste is that she’s actually a little social-media-averse. So, when she found a new avenue for discovering the latest social media trends, she was ecstatic. Jules Sebastian (legendary wife to Guy) brings Kirste all the latest TikTok fads (like this pasta recipe!), without having to actually wade into the depths.

Kirste was super excited to share her new favourite, the infamous cherry tomato/feta pasta recipe. What happened next was nothing short of hilarious.

If you’d like to taste the TikTok feta pasta, the recipe is here.

Listen to their full chat below:

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