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“The human heart is one of those things that is drawn to reach out and be a part of other people’s lives when things are going a little bit crazy,” said Kirste on Brekky this morning.

This morning Kirste found a gorgeous little story that highlights the hearts of children and just how innocent and pure they are. It made her heart so happy and she wanted to share it with the Family on The Breakfast Show. This was a short story shared by a mum to The Kindness Pandemic Facebook group. We highly recommend checking out this group! It’s full of positive and uplifting stories and videos and photos of people trying to spread kindness and having people share it with them.

The Kindness Pandemic story

The post on The Kindness Pandemic by Nicole reads:

This is just a small one ut I went into our local shops today to grab just a few essential items, bread, milk and apples basically. Whilst I was there karate chopping my 3 yr olds hands from his mouth and face etc… He said to me that the people in the shops “looked sad”. I told him that people are a bit worried about some big things at the moment and that it makes big people feel a bit sad. From that second til I put him back in the car, he sat in the trolley calling out to anyone and everyone “hi, hello, it’s ok, I love you’ as he waved excitedly at them. He made so many people smile and I honestly feel it brightened a lot of people’s day. The kindness of children.

Isn’t that just beautiful? Let’s be lead by this beautiful little boy’s example. We can wave and smile (from 1.5 metres away) and kindly tell others “it’s going to be ok”.

We want to share good news every day, so we need to hear yours! If you’ve got one text us, join the conversation on Facebook or call up The Brekky Show from 7am tomorrow.


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