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Getting stuck in a rut can be mental or physical. But how did we get there? Maybe it was a habit that made us too familiar, that settled us into our comfort zone.  If the grove is not leading you to wellbeing then you might need to reassess the rut you are stuck in.

Penny Webb Kin Women

Penny Webb, Kin Women

Penny Webb from Kin Women joined Bec on The Morning Show to share about getting out of the rut. About finding the importance of “the spark” to get the fire going.

“We need to find the spark to change, we need to be receptive and opening ourselves up. We need to be on the lookout. But sometimes we are so busy and full in our lives that we might miss finding the spark. When it is doable that’s when you find the spark. Or someone might come into your life and that’s when you want to change and find the spark. Taking the spark back can come from either positive or negative events. So, it is good to keep strategies in place.”

Enjoy the conversation between Bec and Penny from Kin Women below;



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