Kin Women: Exploring and Growing our Strengths

Monday, July 20, 2020 1:52 pm
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When you think about the areas in your life or the personality traits that you’d like to grow in or develop, do you first think of your weaknesses?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone, most of us immediately think if our deficits when we think about what we’d like to be stronger in. But Penny from Kin Women encourages us to think about it differently; why not look at the things we’re strong at and make them even stronger?

We’re halfway through the year, coming out of a pandemic and Penny notes that this is a great opportunity to sit down and reevaluate life. Evaluate your values as an individual and a family, prioritise what’s important to you, and ask yourself what you want to grow and strengthen. Maybe it’s a role you’re in, maybe it’s a role you want. It could be a hobby old or new.

How do we find our strengths?

Sometimes we get lucky and just slip into a situation where we’re really good at the challenge in front of us. A lot of the time we find strengths because we explore stuff, we try stuff, we say, “Oh, yeah, I’ll help out there”. Or “I’ll do that” or “I’ll volunteer here”. You could come alongside a friend who’s got some project happening.

Sometimes we don’t even realise we’re good at something until someone tells us. “Someone will say ‘you know you’re great at that’ and you don’t even think that because it’s always been easy to you. It’s usually things that are so innate to you. You’ve got no idea that it’s a great thing but you forget that actually the person sitting next to you cannot do it or finds it so laborious.”

“I’ve just done annual reviews with all my leadership team at work,” said Penny. “And the best thing I can do for them is to say to them, ‘you know, you’re really great at that, don’t you? You’re, you’re really great at it’. And they go, ‘really’, I’m going ‘No, you’re really great at it’.  And so what can I do to give you more in that pocket, so you can shine more? Because it’s very easy as managers and leaders and bosses to kind of go, you know, you really didn’t do well in that. Let’s fix it.”

Listen to the conversation with Penny Webb from Kin Women on The Morning Show with Bec below:


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