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Every Wednesday Kirste’s besty Shannon drops into The Brekky Show.

Who else is feeling that last-week-of-term itch?

(Imagine Morro, Kirste & Shannon’s hands shooting up.)

The kids are tired… you’re tired… they’re restless for a break… you’re restless for a break.

This morning Shannon had a bit of a vent because her boys are bickering more than ever! She thinks the fighting is due to the end of term countdown. Her family is craving the holiday they’re about to go on, they just have two hurdles to overcome. The three days left of the term …

and the 14-hour drive to Exmouth.

With three kids, a 14-hour drive is shudder-inducing any time of year. But Shannon is particularly nerv-ey about this drive because the battleground for most of the bickering her boys have been doing is the car.

“Maybe it’s because there aren’t any carseats anymore, so it’s a free for all for where to sit…” she pondered.

So Shannon needs your help family! Any tips or tricks you have to keep the road trip fun, Shannon needs to hear them.

Morro offered his advice “you need to dangle a fat carrot at the end of that trip to keep them in line.”

Tanya from Joondalup advises to get two things. An audio book and noise cancelling headphones. Then you take away their audience, they only fight because they want attention, so if they can’t get yours – no problem!

“Have you heard of the law of diminishing returns? Catherine from Kardinya asked. Get a big bag of unwrapped lollies, like snakes. Then everytime they act up, throw one out the window!”

Do you have any other tips that Shannon needs to hear?

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