What was your kid’s public accident?

Thursday, November 21, 2019 11:21 am
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Last night something happened to Jeziel that made his jaw drop. He and his lovely wife Kim were shopping at Ikea and enjoying some meatballs. During their trip, she had to duck to the bathroom, which was no problem, Jeziel waited on a little bench seat outside, nothing out of the ordinary there.

But you know what was out of the ordinary… as Jeziel was patiently waiting, a dad walked past with his young son who projectile vomited all over the hallway to the bathrooms! “It was everywhere,” said Jeziel.

You may be thinking, well that’s not that out of the ordinary, kids vomit all the time.

Well, after this young guy chucked his guts up, the duo tiptoed around the puddle then went and sat down in the cafeteria and carried on with their dinner. Without notifying anybody! “I would’ve tried to make it a bit nicer,” Jeziel said. “I would’ve got some tissues or something and tried to contain it into one pile”.

But Jeziel gets it. He knows things change when you’re a parent and what happened with that father and son was probably an average Tuesday! He knows kids can’t control themselves and sometimes they just have accidents.

So Mel and Jeziel want to know, what was your kid’s public accident? Let’s share the stories and remind each other that these things are outside our control, they just happen.

Here are some of the public accident stories we heard from anonymous callers:

“This morning I had to go to the GP today for myself. I had my toddler in tow when all of a sudden, she just power chucks in the middle of the reception, taking all the attention off me! the GP decided to attend to her in the appointment instead of me.”

“When my daughter was in nappies, my family went out for dinner. She pooped and it came spilling out of her nappy all over the table! Fortunately, we hadn’t got our food yet. We all cleaned it up together and continued the dinner.”

Oh no.

“I have four kids, so I can tell you every kind of story under the sun. But the best story was when I was in a glassware shop, I was carrying my daughter when I felt a warm sensation on my side. I looked down and she was having an accident, leaving puddles behind us. I quickly ran out and changed her in the car and came back and had to apologise for the “souvineir” I left the clerk.”

“This has happened to us a couple of times now. We didn’t know our daughter was sick when we were at the shops. I had two kids in seats in the trolley when I smelt something rancid. She had pooped all over the seat and it was running all down the trolley, all over the floor. Everybody was staring and the shop clerk didn’t want us to leave! We were in the middle of a deal and he wanted us to stay.”

This is not the kind of thing you plan for when you become a parent.

“My family was on an international flight, I was sound asleep and my hubby had noise-cancelling headphones in when my toddler walked down the aisle sleepwalking. He obviously needed to go to the bathroom when he pulled his pants down and starts peeing on a lady five seats down from us! My mum, who was on the other side of the plane eventually got my hubby’s attention. He jumped up, ripped his new headphones out of the socket and grabbed my son which whisked the urine all over the place!”

Have a listen to all the stories below:

Does your family have a public accident story? Text us or join the conversation on Facebook, The Drive Show would love to hear from you!

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