Wednesday, February 6, 2019 9:40 am
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For those who have been following #KidsOffNauru, the weekend was a cause for celebration as the last 4 children have come off Nauru! One of the big players in that was Micah Australia and Tim Costello director of the organisation joins Kirste & Morro on Brekky for an update.

#kidsoffnauru - nauru campaign update with tim costello

Back in August, World Vision kicked off the #KidsOffNauru campaign, with pictures of children on Nauru even though Peter Dutton told the Australian public there were no children in detention.

“When it trouble – send the women!” says Tim, so Micah gathered women church leaders to visit our Prime Minister ScoMo who was brand new to the position at the time. What we then saw was a dramatic shift from the idea of well, if we’re kind to one person all the boats will start again to actually, the boats didn’t stop because we were cruel to people on the island. The boats have stopped because of turn-back and we can be kind.

The end result was 120 kids being removed from Nauru.

Tim gave a special thanks to the women church leaders that went to Canberra and addressed the issue face on without pointing the finger and vicious bickering. They went to pray for our new PM, they let ScoMo know that the church community is behind him. But, also very formidably told him to take the children out of those terrible conditions. Like the uncertainty causing mental torture, depression and resignation syndrome, we know people have died in Nauru during this period due to lack of medical care.


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