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Every Wednesday we’re visited by Kirste’s bestie. Well, let’s be honest she’s become besties with us all! Shannon pops into The Breakfast Show for a little chit chat, and a catch up on her world with 3 boys.



“If you’re a mum with young kids and you’re in the phase of cleaning weet-bix off high chairs – then I have some encouragement for you!” Shannon proclaimed.

A few days ago Shannon woke up, made her way into the kitchen and to her astonishment her eldest son was fully, cooking his breakfast! Not just cereal and milk. But eggs and bacon, in a frying pan, on the stove!

Shannon admits she never cooks with her kids. She’s tried the muffins and the pancakes and tried to include them in dinner prep but it’s just too hard.

“Come on Shan, you gotta equip these young men for their lives” Morro encouraged.

She felt bad, because apparently “every mum cooks with their kids” but no more. Her choices have been validated. Shannon realised her 13-year-old learnt this from his ‘catering’ (or home-ec) class at school. Apparently, he started this elective this term, so just three weeks in, he’s learnt how to use the stove.

So Shannon wants to know, when did your kids start cooking for themselves? We’re not just talking shake and bake pancakes, but stove or oven on, prepped ingredients, with no help.


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