Keeping The Peace Over Christmas

15 December 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes
The perfect Christmas scene of families laughing, eating and playing a friendly game of cricket in the backyard is unfortunately far from the reality for some families.
Simon Creek from HHG Legal Group provided some helpful tips on ‘how to keep the peace’ this Christmas, when he joined Mike for the final time this year. “It can be a challenging time particularly if it’s your first Christmas post-separation, and you find yourself without your children on Christmas day.
1. Prioritise the kids: Press pause on issues or arguments and prioritise creating happy memories for your kids.
2. Avoid arguing: It is not the season for disputes. There is a huge spike in domestic violence over the Christmas and New Year period. If there is a history of domestic violence in your family, plan ahead to avoid a fight breaking out.
3. Don’t drink too much: Limit your alcohol intake and don’t drink and drive.
4. Loneliness and mental health : It can be difficult to celebrate if your separated from your family due to closed borders. If things are rough and you need someone to talk to you can contact Beyond Blue and Lifeline. There are also free Christmas lunches run by Salvos and other organisations all over WA.
“No matter how much heat and acrimony there is, press pause and focus on this being the children’s’ time of the year and make it happy for them.”
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