Live TV is the most absorbing when it all goes pear shaped, which is exactly what happened on the BBC News at 10 when cameras accidentally cut to news reader Huw Edwards sitting in silence and doodling for four minutes.

The program — viewed by more than 4.2 million — suffered a series of technical gremlins, which included the ‘breaking news’ logo flashing more than 11 times, lead the director to switch to a backup system.

Paul Royall, editor of the BBC News at Six and Ten, tweeted: ‘FYI technical system crash seconds before 10. Director had to switch to a back-up system ASAP. @huwbbc doing great job #BBCNewsTen.’

It’s bizarrely absorbing telly, much like a lava lamp.

The BBC technical team were hard at work fixing the problem the following day, and Twitter users reacted with crudely photoshopped images.

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