Karen was inspired to give her worries to God

Friday, June 24, 2022 9:38 am
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While she was pregnant Karen and her husband received some bad news about their baby’s health.

On their way to the hospital, she was stressing out and googling what the worst possible scenario could be. On the other hand, her husband was calm. “She was God’s before she was ours anyway. So what good is it stressing out?” Then the song ‘Out of my hands into yours’ started playing and she felt an overwhelming sense of relief. “I felt like God was telling me that she was a gift from me. She’s was mine before she’s your baby.” At that moment she decided to hand over all her worries to God.

Over a year later, all of her daughter Bethany’s health issues have disappeared. “Since then the cyst that was in her neck is gone. There was no surgical intervention required and I had a perfectly fine natural labourThat intervention from God, while I was sitting in traffic through that song, really put it all into perspective for me.

This is one of many stories we’ve Seen and Heard of how God, through 98five, has spoken into people’s lives when they needed it most. To give them hope to carry on when they didn’t feel they could. This June we invite you to partner with 98five to share hope for all to see and hear! 

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