June Appeal 2022: Sarah’s reason for donating

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 10:23 am
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A key difference of 98five is that we take being family seriously. It isn’t just us playing songs and speaking into a microphone, we interact with each other as family does.

Not only are you seen and heard by us but you are seen and heard by a God who created you. That’s why we make known this positive message of hope seen and heard every day! Sarah shared that we are a key part of her life and appreciates our uplifting voice.

You guys are my favourite radio station on in my car every day. Whether that’s just going to work or something crazy going on in your life like family court you guys make a difference. You guys are always happy, always positive and uplifting. It just makes a difference in everybody’s attitude no matter what we are doing in our day. I couldn’t imagine life without you guys.

We’ve Seen and Heard many stories of how God, through 98five, has spoken into people’s lives when they needed it most. To give them hope to carry on when they didn’t feel they could. This June we invite you to partner with 98five to share hope for all to see and hear! Donate Now

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