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Keith and his family have listened to 98five every day since they moved here four years ago.

We just stumbled across it. We were flipping radio stations and it came on. Christian radio is a big part of our family it’s who we are.” But when he lived in the US he was always worried about what his kids would hear on the radio. “It was very secular type music and we were always worried about what our kids are going to hear. So we don’t have that worry with 98five.” 

There is no other radio station in Perth that is dedicated to being safe for little ears. When you listen to 98five you will never have to worry about your children hearing something inappropriate. We are a family-focused radio station, dedicated to supporting you and your children every day.

“We listen to drive while taking our kids to afternoon sports. We listen on the way to work. Honestly, it is the best part of our morning it’s always a positive vibe that puts you in a good mood as you are going into the office. So I would say it’s really important to keep you guys on the air.”

Listen to Keith’s share his story:

This wasn’t the first time this week we have heard a story like this. Angie called us and shared how thankful she is for 98five since immigrating from South Africa.

“In South Africa, there is no radio station like this. And I’m a carer so I spend a lot of time in the car with my clients, so it’s really important that I can have them in the car, or even when I’m by myself, that I can listen to something with no judgement. It’s great music, great advice and I get to share that with whoever is in my car.”

Listen to Angie share her story:

If having a radio station that’s safe for all ears is important to you, make a tax-deductible donation. Your support will ensure 98five continues to be here for every family in Perth for generations to come!

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