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June Appeal 2021: Speak Hope, Share Hope

As a non for profit, listener supported community radio station we rely on roughly 55% of our funds to come from donations from the generous support of donors just like you, so we can continue to share a hope greater than any crisis.

There are now over 451,000* listeners in the Sonshine Family! That’s 451,000 people each month that have hope sown into them. Hope that they can be a better father or mother, husband or wife. Hope that there is a God out there who actually cares about them. This radio station is the only one in Perth dedicated to that.

We know some families, and businesses, have been hard hit. We know for others, however, that right now can be a season for generosity.

This June we invite you, if your financial circumstances are secure, to partner with 98five to share a hope greater than the situation listeners find themselves in.

You can give a one-off gift to our June Appeal. Or, if you are not in a position to give your desired amount as one gift you can become a Family Partner, and pledge a smaller manageable amount each month on an ongoing basis.

Your support will ensure that 98five Sonshine can continue to broadcast  24 hours, 7 days a week and continue to share hope across Perth & beyond.

Crisis creates opportunity, and like never before we, you and the 98five team, have an incredible opportunity to change lives.


Donate now to 98five's June Appeal

Questions? Check out our June Appeal FAQs

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*The National Listener Survey – conducted by McNair yellow Squares – Perth. Survey 2019 Wave #2 – December 2019 – (n=2,058)

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