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Wednesday, October 21, 2020 3:42 pm
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With Radiothon 2020 just around the corner, Jeziel had a Big Idea™…

It’s been a pretty tough year for a lot of people, but we believe there’s still hope. Our Radiothon theme this year is Hope. Worth. Sharing, and Jeziel figured the best way to share hope is to literally share hope. His Big Idea™ is to load up one of the 98five Ford Rangers with broadcast gear, and set off around Perth sharing hope. We’ll kick it off by driving to a listener’s house to deliver a hope filled gift, while also picking up a gift of their own choosing to deliver to the next listener.

Step one is to figure out just how many of the 98five family are interested in getting involved. Reckon this sounds like a ripper idea? Let us know on the form below!

98five's Hope Chain

Do you want to be a part of 98five's Hope Chain? Let us know!


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