Jodii Maguire’s Tips For Resolving Conflict

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 10:44 am
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Jodii Maguire, from Think Performance Psychology, joined Kirste and Dan to talk about having difficult conversations and resolving conflict.

Sometimes we’re not aware we are in conflict we just get into patterns of communicating. Conversations like when to start a family, budget or moving can be a really challenging. Although ‘negotiation’ seems like a business a legal term,  we can also bring it into the home and conversations.

  1. Is this worth arguing over? Sometimes the really simple answer is no.
  2. Can you separate the person from the problem? Is there an underlying problem you aren’t talking about?
  3. Respect each other’s point of view. Pay attention and listen. You cant make decisions without knowing the full story.

“Its really important to get absolute clarity over what it is we want to discuss. What is frustrating us and why? Because we might be able to execute our own choices to resolve that without creating tension or conflicts for others.”

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