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Most of Jeziel’s money-making ideas come from the problems he faces in his own life. Whenever he comes up against a challenge he thinks “What could I make to fix this?”. Over the school holidays, he and his lovely wife drove up the coast of WA. They frolicked in the sea, explored through the bush and camped out. After their fun-filled days, they’d head back to their tents all sandy and salty but wouldn’t always a hot shower to refresh in. Technically there are portable showers you can buy, but they have no decent pressure and are ‘warm’ at best. So Jeziel reckons he could do better.

“It’s all a bit disappointing until I bring you…” Jeziel teased, “The Portable RAD Shower!”

“Let me guess,” Leon interjected, “it hooks up to your car radiator?”

And Leon was exactly on the money. So in Jeziel’s mind, this is how it would work:

“You have to get to your camping destination with a car, so everyone has a car. Then a pull-out pole with a nozzle at the top and it connects to a bag or whatever into your radiator. You turn your car on, the water runs through the radiator, everything works! Plus it can come with a modesty curtain.”

Leon and Jeziel were very confident in their idea, fulling believing this is a great opportunity, the only thing is they don’t know enough about cars to engineer the invention. This was quickly made evident when a listener, Lloyd, called up to remind Jeziel that actually coolant runs through a radiator not water. If you were to run water through it, you’d probably kill your motor. But generally “the idea wasn’t bad” according to him.

“Ok a little bit more thought needs to go into to, Jeziel admitted. “But that’s just a little speed bump. I’m going to get this into a box and sell it to you!”

What do you think about Jeziel’s big idea? If you saw The RAD Shower on the shelf, would you purchase one? Let us know on Facebook.

Have a listen to Jeziel explain his invention below:


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