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“How hard can it be?” Jeziel thought to himself. He was listening to some of The Drive Show Sweepers today (those little bits of audio that introduce each of our shows) and thought that we’d been playing the same ones for a while and he could write some new ones himself!

So he sat down, wrote and recorded these:

It’s The Drive Show – Safer than your child in a helmet, knee pads and bubble wrap – with Mel & Jeziel!

More contagious than a yawn – it’s The Drive Show with Mel & Jeziel!

Who needs Will Smith when you have Mel & Jeziel on 98five, making all your wishes come true!

Do you think you could top Jeziel’s creative writing?

Mel & Jeziel just put it out the family and this is some of what you sent it! If you’ve got an idea, message us on Facebook or text us 0429 985 985 and we might even produce it and regularly play it on air!

“It’s the new afternoon Drive with Mel Queen of Goals with a little bit of Sass and King Jeziel, here to make your drive a Super Dooper Hero of a time.” – Kathe

“After a hard days work, relax with Mel and Jeziels’ friendly voices.” – Robert

“You’re listening to Drive with Mel & Jeziel -sharing the journey with you.” – Kev

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