Jeziel FINALLY got the lyrics to Lazy Lyrics!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2021 5:44 pm
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Bec and Jeziel has a segment called Lazy Lyrics and this is where Jeziel has to guess the lyrics to a song of the listeners choosing. Our CEO, Bevan Jones, has agreed for Jeziel to go home if he does get the lyrics correct. Jeziel has been practicing his lyrical knowledge so he was confident in today’s segment.

The anticipation was tangible in the studio just before going on air for Lazy Lyrics.

Producer Telana had a feeling that Jeziel might get it but she had these feelings before but previous times he didn’t get the easiest of songs. So her confidence was pretty low. Bec had a listen to the audio before going on air and was sure that Jeziel won’t get it.

Jeziel on the other hand was optimistic (as usual) but he also didn’t think he would get it.

Well family…We are happy to announce that … JEZIEL GOT LAZY LYRICS CORRECT!! Yes, it was beyond everyone’s expectation, as well as Jeziel’s.

This meant that Jeziel got to go home! And he did!!

Hear the full chat below:


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