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Ari and Esmay LOVE cake! They love cake so much they dream about it, now the time has come to put their money where their mouth is or rather their cake where your mouth is.

Ari and Esmay will be hosting a cake eating competition on Saturday 28th of July at 2.00pm.

10 competitors will be given a spectacular 10-inch cake and the challenge will be to consume as much as they can in 20 minutes.

The cakes will be weighed before and after the allocated time to see who will be crowned the Ari and Esmay Cake Champion 2018. Not only will they receive bragging rights, the winner will get a 12-month coffee subscription to Grouch and Co and an Ari and Esmay cake of their choosing.

Believe it or not the cake is not actually the best part about this day, I know we are shocked too!

The best part about the day is that each competitor will be given the opportunity to raise funds for an amazing cause, they will get their family, friends and work mates to sponsor them for this epic challenge. The sponsorship may be as simple as 50c per 100g of cake consumed, $50 for half a cake, $100 for a whole or just a one-off donation for participating. It is totally up to the competitor and the person who would like to sponsor them what they are willing to donate.

All proceeds from the event will go to DADAA an organisation who provide arts and culture for people with disability or a lived experience of mental illness. DADAA are looking to start social enterprise café The Humble Pantry which will offer great coffee and delicious food in the heart of Fremantle while providing training and job opportunities for people living with disability.

So to celebrate the competition tomorrow Jeziel tried his hand (or his mouth?) at the competition, watch below!

Visit the Ari & Esmay Facebook page for more info.

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