Jason Sachse: Light on Solar Power

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 10:01 pm
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Jason Sachse, Owner of the Solar Power Repair Company dropped into the Weekdays show to shed some Solar Light.

A glazed look casts over many a face at the mention of Solar Power. What’s the current Federal Rebate Scheme? How do I make sense of my Power Bills? Are just two of the big questions.


Jason said, “It all depends on the size of the system to amount of rebate.”

  • For a 2 Kilowatt System = $1000 Rebate
  • For a 5 Kilowatt System = $3200 Rebate

Power Bills: Why is the credit from the Solar feed-in, so low?

Home Owners receive very little for the energy that does enter the grid. It goes past the home, so you want that credit to be as low as possible. It means the the solar system is more beneficial for the property, as the energy is being captured in the home.

Micro or String Inverter…what’s the difference?

Without being too technical, shade. Jason advises, a property surrounded by tall trees, casting shade onto some parts of the roof, a Micro Inverter system is the better option. Each Solar Panel is individual and the system as a whole will not be affected if some panels are shaded. String Inverter Systems consist of a chain of Panels joined together. When one is shaded it affects the performance of the rest, putting stress on the system.

If you’re looking at getting Solar Panels or just want to know more, listen to the full conversation with Jason below.

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