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James Cromwell protested Starbuck’s non-dairy milk surcharge.

The actor, know for his role as the farmer in ‘Babe’, accompanied by other activists protested by gluing his hand to the counter. He proceeded to read out a statement about the unfairness of the surcharge. So Kirste and Dan wanted to know, should you pay more for alternate milk?

Image: PETA


Rebecca used to work as a barista at Muffin Break and noticed that alternative milk is becoming more popular. “Muffin Break is keeping with the times and they don’t charge any extra for an alternative milk.” Donna can’t drink dairy milk because of medical reasons so she doesn’t want to be charged more.I can’t tolerate cows milk and the extra cost is so unjustifiable as many people use alternative milks and it only takes a few coffees to use up 1 litre.” Daniel thinks we should be charged more if it costs the cafe more to provide the alternative milk. “Otherwise the café is just disadvantaging a minority group.”

Should you pay more for alternate milks? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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