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He’s a Sydney pastor who became a viral hit by ‘throwing stuff into other stuff’ and now he’s caught the attention of The Late, Late Show host and funnyman James Corden with his trick shots.

Hi Josh‘s The Thug Life Chose Me video has gained more than 8.4 million views since it’s 2015 release and Corden recently took on the ‘throwing stuff into other stuff’ challenge by shooting two basketballs behind him to land them both in the hoop as part of his entertainment show’s Today I Learned (TIL) segment.

“The thing I learned today was that I’m actually better at trick shots than that guy,” Corden said.

Here’s ‘that guy’…


Although, Corden admitted it took him 138 tries to make the shots.


Hi Josh is also well known for his Aussie abbreviation videos.

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