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Finding Faith - your story is a powerful motivator

In the lead up to Easter, we asked you, The Family, to share your stories of how you found your faith. We believe your story is a powerful motivator for others to find and start their own faith journey. One of those who responded was this man, who shared this story.

After many years of addiction and brokenness, my wife and I met a guy called Steven at the Casino. He was a worship singer, he spent a few days with us. He came back at night with an iPad full of scriptures and he read to us all night. In the morning he said, “Do you want to come to church?” We weren’t in a good way, mentally, physically. But that started our journey, a complete transformation. It’s because of those people, seen and unseen who worked continuously to help continue our journey of finding faith. We’re coming up to 6 years free from addiction and that life. We’ll be forever grateful to God.

Have a listen to this Finding Faith story:

We hope you’re encouraged by this story. Tune in to 98five to hear more Finding Faith stories. If you’re ever looking for a church service take a look at our Church and Community Finder. There are so many communities across Perth who are eager to meet you and welcome you in!

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