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Yesterday afternoon, in a very special moment, Lockie prayed live on air. He felt stirred to lift up those in The Family who many not be able to give to our Appeal this year, who have found 2020 extremely challenging. Read more about that here.

Not long after we received the following message from Jackie:

“This year has been challenging in so many ways to the point where I actually stopped listening to 98.5, stopped attending church and even stopped praying.
This week, not knowing that it was Hope Week, I was convicted to change the channel to 98five. This afternoon I heard one of the announcers pray live on radio and that brought tears to my eyes, knowing God is all powerful, and always in control, no matter our circumstances.
98five, it is because of what you do that has brought me back to my Saviour.
Thank you and my this radio station continue to be blessed.
Regards, Jackie. “

This is just another example of how God is in control. Our purpose here at 98five is to share the positive message of Hope in Jesus Christ to Perth and Beyond. He’s moving through us in more ways than we’ll ever know and this is all possible because of our generous supporters. So thank you Family, you make these stories of hope happen!

If you’d like to share your story, give us a call anytime on 9313 0800 – we’d LOVE to chat with you. Or feel free to leave us a message below.

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