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Today is a lot of days. It’s Thursday. Excitingly, it’s the start of the new financial year. It’s hopefully the second last day of Perth’s latest lockdown. However, perhaps more importantly, it’s also joke day!


While many of us know April 1 as the jokiest day of the year, July 1 puts the pranks aside and lets the jokers come out to play. To celebrate, Kirste and Dan opened up the text line to your favourite jokes. With a little crafty computering, Producer Leon intercepted them and caught Kirste and Dan off guard on air.

Here’s some of our favourites:

“Best way to get rid of a headache… stick your head through a window and the pane instantly disappears”

“I just got memory foam for my shoes… no more forgetting why I walked into the room!”

– Amber from Kardinya

“What do you call pig that does karate? A pork chop”

– Belle from Harrisdale

“How do you get Pikachu on a bus? You pokemon!

– Brett from Armadale

“What swings through the trees and is highly dangerous? A monkey with a chainsaw”

– Jordan (8 years old) from Seville Grove

“What did the surgeon say to the patient who insisted on closing his own wound? Suture self!”

“Bono and The Edge walk in to a bar and the bartender says… not U2 again!”

– Helen from Kingsley

Have you got a favourite joke you’re dying to tell Kirste and Dan? Chuck it in the form below and send it their way!

Joke Day

Submissions for Joke Day

To hear all of the great jokes from this morning, check out the podcast below:


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