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Each week Bec and Jeziel like to share an interesting fact they recently learnt. Today I learnt…

Giuseppe Paterno, 98-years-old, is Italy’s oldest graduate.

Two years ago Paterno completed his Bachelor’s in history and philosophy at the University of Palerno, and recently completed his masters. He has no plans to rest and wants to write a novel using his trusty typewriter. Paterno was born in 1923 and grew up in a poor family. Despite his love of learning, he wasn’t able to attend university, instead, he served in the navy and went on to be a railway worker.

Research has revealed the Kiwis use their baby voice more than anywhere else in the world.

The international study discovered that people use a higher pitch when speaking to infants, but the pitch difference is greater in some countries than in others. Almost 2000 voice recordings from around the world were collected to explore the sound features that distinguish adult vs infant-directed voices. The recordings were played to 51,065 people from 187 nations. Listeners could accurately predict when voices were aimed at babies.

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