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Today the brekky crew started the day off by reminding us we had just 36hrs to go of appeal to reach our target! It didn’t take us long to reach our 55% funding goal and thanks to a few generous donors, particularly from the business community we have been overwhelmed with gratitude to see the family stand in the gap this year for those who have been hit hard due to COVID and have put their hand up and said this year we can do more and give on behalf of those who can’t.

We were then greatly moved by Shane’s powerful and raw story.

Shane’s story is very special to us as this is not the first time we’ve been able to talk to him on the June Appeal phone. We first met Shane about four years ago, at this time, he felt like he had hit rock bottom. He was walking in the dead of the night, and dropped to his knees in the middle of the oval, he cried out “is anyone there? Does anyone care?” That night he was contemplating taking his own life and that was the night he met Jesus. After that encounter, he turned on his radio and it just happened to be on 98five. Since then he has been a part of The 98five Family. Every year since we’ve had a call from Shane to let us know how he’s going. The following year he had found a church, the next year he found great friends and a church family.

This morning he called to share how his 2020 had been going. During COVID isolation the separation from his friends and church family made him feel like his sense of identity stripped away. With that lost hope, anger and old mindsets began to creep in but then a realisation hit him:

“98five, I’ve got to get 98five back on, I’ve got to get these words of hope these words of wisdom and get my mind and my heart back on track.”

As soon as he started tuning in, the sense of community, family and belonging filled him once again and he says now he’s back on track.



Have a listen to Shane’s story below:

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