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Would you say that, now that we’re basically on house arrest, you’ve found you suddenly have a desire to do all those odd jobs around the house that have been unattended for who-knows-how-long?

I bet you could’ve guessed what Mike said to that “Yep, I’ve got a list”.

At the top of his list, is to repaint a portion of the front of his house. It was rendered and painted nine years ago when he moved into the house. But now it’s beginning to fade and every time he notices it, it’s like it’s staring… mocking him.

“By the time you prepare it, mask it, give it a couple a’ coats, that’d take you a few days”, he explained, “so I’ve just been putting it off.”

Kirste has also been ignoring a project … but her’s was a little more alarming.

“My ensuite basin, for months and months, has been building up and on Friday it finally just blocked up completely,” she guiltily giggled.

She’s been able to ignore the problem because she has double basins in her bathroom. “I’ve just been using my hubby’s sink!” She tried all the home remedies, the bi-carb and vinegar or the hot boiling water, but nothing worked. So over the weekend, with nothing else to do, she took a plunger to the sink!

“I made Tim dig around in the shed to find it and I plunged that baby. And it was SO REWARDING. My whole family gathered around to watch it.”

“So that’s what you do in isolation now?” Corey asked “… ‘kids gather around the drain, we’re going to plunge Kirste’s hair bomb’… imagine that ‘smell that kids!’ ”

*gag noises*

Isn’t it funny how you can find endless excuses to not do something? It’s magical how easy it is to procrastinate these things. But now, we’re only a few weeks into self isolation, we’ve watched everything we can on Netflix and we want to do something productive!

So tell us, what jobs around the house are you finally getting around to? Send The Brekky Show a text or join the conversation on Facebook.


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