Isolation: 2020 Vision [A poem]

Friday, September 25, 2020 3:14 pm
Reading Time: 2 minutes


One of our beautiful listeners Denise Combes wrote a poem about her experiences this year and wanted to share it with the rest of the family.

Remind me now my Lord my God of your great love for me;
For this time that we are facing’s not a normal way to be;
Help me to remember even though I still forget;
Your best for me is coming even though it’s not just yet.

My home it is a solace for which I am truly blessed;
Help me be a blessing now while I am here at rest;
Be still and know that I am God is ever on my mind;
Turns out this isolation was a gem for me to find.

It caused me to reflect upon, my life, it’s ups and downs;
And what is truly valued most amidst the quieter sounds;
For when I wake to face again another day at home;
My children ask me questions, for the answers now I roam.

I tell them they are loved beyond all distance and all measure;
And take the time to appreciate all that there is to treasure;
For whilst they are our children, they are not just ours alone;
They have a Heavenly Father who’s preparing them a home.

This home won’t be restricted to the walls and roof and floor;
This home will be a paradise for them forever more;
I know its just too easy to be ruled by fear and fright;
But let us not forget who made the stars for us at night.

The storm clouds they will disappear following the rain;
The sun will shine and days return for us to have again;
Love our families and our friends and lend a helping hand;
In isolation bond together, make a difference in our land.

No matter what the future holds we can virtually see the light;
We’ll meet again as stronger souls and hold each other tight;
Remember God is on our side and never means us harm;
He’s waiting for His people just to run to His loving arms.

Diamonds are created under nothing but deep pressure;
As your children we can know for sure your love it has no measure;
So let’s give thanks to God above who sees and knows our plight;
And let us aim for 2020 with 2020 sight.

06-05-2020 @ copyright 2020

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