Is it ok to wait for a particular barber?

6 December 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Producer Leon found himself in an awkward situation, where he didn’t know how to act or what the proper “etiquette” was. Leon was due for a haircut, so he returned to a place he’d been to a few times and always had a good experience with a particular barber. According to Leon, this barber is highly passionate, takes extreme care and didn’t take too long either. This guy also now has a scissor holster, which of course would improve his abilities.

But that wasn’t the only new addition to the salon. Upon entering the barber, Leon was faced with an iPad where you sign in and join the queue. There was also an option to select whether you would like to be serviced by a particular staff member, which made Leon hesitate. Barbershop culture usually plays out like this: you arrive, you join the line and you sit in whatever chair opens up when it’s your turn. So would it be rude to turn down the service of one staff member who was available, stating that you would prefer to wait longer for someone else?

Barber Shop queue

Dan and Leon agreed that maybe it would be OK if there was another customer in the line after you. So if you said “no thanks” that barber could move on. But Leon said, “it would be extremely awkward if there was no one after me,. if I said ‘no thanks I’ll wait’, then they just have to go sweep up some hair or something.”

Dan and Leon believe this is a man-specific problem. So fellas we’d love your opinions, is it OK to wait for a particular barber? Join the conversation on socials! Have a listen to the conversation below.