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After the COVID social gathering restrictions loosened to 100 people the other week, Corey decided that he’d have a few of his friends over.

Their reply to his invitation was “can I bring my dog?”

This response left Corey wondering. “I have a dog, I love my dog. But I don’t want to take her everywhere.”

Corey doesn’t really understand why some dog owners out there feel the need to bring their canine pal with them wherever they go and he wants your opinion on whether it’s appropriate or not. Is it ok to ask "can I bring my dog?" when invited to someone's house?

“Oh I don’t know about that Corey” Kirste added. “My dog Lexie is so good in the car and so good on a lead, she’s such a good girl and if we’re out all day I don’t want her to get lonely.”

“Nope I’m not a fan”, Mike was firm in his opinion. “Especially at Bunnings! Why do people bring their dogs to Bunnings? If I’m shopping I don’t want my leg being sniffed.”

Corey has a theory that the people who would be more inclined to ask this question are those who are relatively new to owning a dog and may be in that my-dog-is-my-baby phase. But Corey would like to remind everybody that dogs are not babies!

As Kirste pondered the question a little more she came to a realisation that actually, she wouldn’t want people bringing their dogs to her place. “I know Lexie, I know what she’s like, but I don’t want an animal I don’t know in my house.”

The Brekky Show trio all laughed at the irony. So what do you think Family, is it appropriate to ask if you can bring your dog when you visit a friend?

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