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As per her weekly schedule, Shannon was back at Aldi doing the grocery shopping. This was a routine visit, nothing out of the ordinary… until she got to the checkout. She was delightedly surprised to find herself in a real conversation with the check out kid.

“I say a kid, but he was a young-man in his 20s”, Shannon corrected herself. “He’s a kid to me ’cause I’m over 40.”

He was so personable, Shannon was really impressed, “I think people in their 20s now are way more enlightened than I was. We complain about screens and the lot, but I think their personal skills, generally are at a higher level.”

Anyway, he was chatting away, asking Shan if she had a busy day.

“Of course I said not really, I’ve just had a pedicure and I’m on my way to a massage, just the usual mum life”, Shannon laughed (extremely sarcastically). “But it was nice we were building up the rapport and he was engaging in a real conversation.”

But that all changed when he said…

“Is that cash or card, love?”

Shannon was sure she misheard.

Love?” she thought, “no, we’ve come so far in this relationship, I must have misheard.”

So Shannon asked, “sorry, what was that?”

and again he said, “just tap it there love.”

Shannon twitched a little. He had read the room completely wrong. As she walked out she was analysing the situation in her head, replaying the scene, but it did not sit right with her. She came to the conclusion that a 20-something, calling an older person anything pet-namey, is just a no-go.

“But I’ve matured now that I’m in my early 40s, I didn’t say anything. He’s lucky he didn’t say ‘tap here dear‘, then I would have been really offended.”

So Shannon has to know, is she the only one who thinks like this? Would you use a term of endearment on a stranger? Or are there only certain age brackets who can use them and it be appropriate? What are the rules here!?

If you’ve been in a similar situation or have an opinion, share it with us! We can come to a conclusion together. Text us, email us or send us a message on socials.

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