Inside the world of competitive eating

Friday, February 22, 2019 5:10 pm
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We’ve all been there. It’s been a long day, you’ve built up an appetite. While out to dinner you see it “Meal Challenge: finish it and eat for free”. Whether it’s wings, ribs, burgers or a giant pizza, competitive eating has grown in popularity over the last few years. 

Instead of taking the potentially irresponsible route of actually doing an eating challenge, Mel and Jeziel decided to interview one of Australia’s best competitive eaters. Cal Stubbs has only been a competitive eater for a few years, but he’s quickly risen up the ranks. With over 355 eating wins and only 4 losses! Under the moniker HULKSMASHFOOD, he travels the world winning challenges and setting records. He let Mel and Jeziel into the amazing world of competitive eating.

Have a squiz at his instagram, but beware, it’s sure to make you hungry!

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🍩 What could be better than the TryItOrDiet Donut Burger Challenge from @balwyncanteen I hear you ask, how about four of them all stacked up? This giant stack contains 4 500g Custom Oversized BC Donuts, 20 Juicy Beef Patties, 20 Melted American Cheddar Cheese Slices, 40 Rashes of Crispy Bacon, Litres of Original House Donut Glaze and handfuls of Crispy Bacon Bits with a Peanut Butter and Jelly centre. Old mates @foodcoma_eats, @thewolfofeatstreet, @kingjaseeats and I headed out yesterday to each tackle the TryItOrDiet Donut Burger Challenge and all cruised through pretty comfortably, the Record time to beat is 3 Minutes and 5 Seconds by Sven but you’ll only need to finish in under 15 Minutes which is extremely achievable for the average joe and you’ll eat this bad boy for free. Whether you’re keen on the TryItOrDiet Donut Burger Challenge or just looking for some amazing Burgers, Donuts or Shakes get ya fat ass out to @balwyncanteen on Whitehorse Road in Balwyn as these guys have all three covered in spades. 🍩 Watch by @citizenwatch Lid by @caylerandsons Shirt by @hm Specs by @dresdenvision 💳 #donut #doughnut #freshdonuts #freshdoughnuts #ilovedonuts #ilovedoughnuts #donutlife #donutwall #donuts #doughnuts #burger #burgers #tryitordiet #donutburger #challenge #foodchallenge #manvsfood #competitiveeater #competitiveeating #crispybacon #peanutbutterandjelly #baconbits #balwyn #balwyncanteen #antigravityshakes #housemade #glaze #originalglaze #krispykreme #krispykremedoughnuts

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