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Last Friday, like every Friday we shared a Meme For Modern Mums. This was last week’s MFMM…

The funniest part of this meme was the comments left by the family! Kirste, Corey & Morro were losing it reading through them this morning!

So what happens after you turn 30?

Our metabolisms slow down, wrinkles start to appear, our hormones change… and apparently it becomes way too easy to injure ourselves! It’s seems almost impossible not to hurt yourself doing everyday tasks, because it looks like we’ve all got a story of how we’ve injuried ourselves sleeping weird, sneezing too hard, bending over, breathing the wrong way or just moving!

Morro’s favourite comment was from Coenrad who said “Got my toe stuck while putting on undies, lost my balance and my spider man-like reflexes result in holding onto the undies rather than blocking/protecting myself. So I ended up hitting my head against the chest of drawers…genius!”

“Aw, how’s this one from Melanie!!” gushed Corey. “ I slipped a disc in my back while brushing my teeth. I was bending over the basin awkwardly when it happened. Ended up in the hospital for a week, and a further week on bed rest.”

So The Brekky gang opened up the phone lines and asked for 30+ year old’s injury stories… there were so many good stories, we just have to rattle them off.

Joe from Bedford cracked the cartilage in his knee in 5 places walking down the stairs.

Just before her 8 week holiday around the world, Janine from Beckenham celebrated the start of her holiday with one of those Toyota-what-a-feeling jumps. She attempted to click her heels together but broke her big toe! She spent 6 of her 8 weeks of holiday hobbling around in pain.

Faye from Thornlie chose to wear platform sandals while walking her chihuahua (probably not the best idea!). She was walking down the road, tripped on a pot hole and pop, she snaps her ankle.

Lourdes from High Wycombe, her jaw locks every time she has a big yawn, eventually, it just unlocks itself…

Late one night, Ursula from Dawsville, heard some possums feasting on her avocado tree. So she armed herself with a torch and a feather duster and climbed a ladder up to the roof. But she misstepped, fell backwards into a wheelbarrow, then the wheelbarrow tipped over and she fell into a pile of cat poo!

 “Now this is embarrassing”, Jenny from Belmont started “I went to pick up my new glasses, opened ’em up, poked myself in the eye!”

Pray for us over 30-year-olds Family, we’re falling apart!

Have a listen to all our injury groans below:

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