I’m Not a Celebrity, Get Me There: Finale Vlog

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 3:50 pm
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At 6:30 am, last Friday morning, twelve bright-eyed and bushy-tailed contestants congregated at the 98five studios in Como, ready to board the Kimberley Safari Tours bus and face the unknown. What was waiting for them? Three survivor style challenges, that if won would crown one constant as our winner, taking home the major $9,000 prize.


Challenge #1: Family Feud

Departing just as dawn broke, when our twelve contestants boarded the bus, they unknowingly split themselves into two teams. Those sitting on the left side of the bus had become Team Kirste, and those on the right side, Team Dan. The first challenge was simple, the teams had to go back and forth naming locations in Northern WA and The Kimberley where Kimberley Safari Tours visit. Once one team answered incorrectly, the other team had to immediately give a correct answer. We’ll be honest, this game last way longer than we thought it would! The 98five announcers have been mentioning feature stops of the tour all week, so it seems like our contestants had the dial on 98five all week and their listening ears on.

Eventually, Kirste’s team took the loss. Michelle’s answer was “Lake Argyle Gold Mine”. Even though the tour does stop at Lake Argyle, it doesn’t actually visit the Gold Mine, so Team Dan took the first win on a technicality! Poor Michelle felt awful

for her teammates, but she didn’t let that stop her from being the most enthusiastic cheerleader for all the other finalists for the rest of the morning.

Challenge #2: Swap Setup 

In the words of Dan, “it’s exactly what it sounds like. Set up a swag as quickly as you can.” At this point, our twelve contestants had become six and the first three to complete this challenge would move to the final round. The first contestant to move onto the final round was Kathy! Kathy was totally calm and collected, sailing through the setup without breaking a sweat. She was reppin’ the ladies being the only woman in the final six and oh boy, did she represent well. It was many minutes later when Brad completed his setup. By this point, things were getting tents (see what we did there.) Five grown men were putting everything on the line, to erect their swag as quickly as possible. But this wasn’t just a challenge of speed, the structural integrity of the swag had to be sound so that each contestant could get inside and zip it up. More than once someone had to get out and fix a pole or readjust a peg. Kimberley Safari Tour guide Matt was a judge and he wasn’t letting anyone get off easy. Matt took this role so seriously, that when contestants Ryan and Jason zipped up their swags at the exact same time Matt couldn’t pick a winner so he called for an impromptu sleeping bag race. Jason very strategically managed to get a hopping-running movement going which carried him across the finish line before Ryan. Our hearts broke for Ryan who had stayed up until midnight with his wife the night before making customised “I’m Not a Celeb: Ryan” shirts.


Challenge #3: I’ve got Bugs in my Swag

Jason, Brad and Kathy were our final three. To take home The Kimberley Safari Tour worth $9,000 all they had to do was to be the one with the most bugs in their hand by the end of the challenge. Each finalist was blindfolded and led to a swag full of (plastic) bugs. With 30 seconds on the clock, they had to collect as many bugs as they could. Each finalist had a different strategy, but only one could win. With a final score of 17 bugs, this contestant had very cleverly ripped the sleeping bag from the swag leaving a flat floor. This contestant spent most of the round sweeping the bugs into a big pile with their hands and in the last 5 seconds scooped up the pile into their arms. And it was with that witty thinking that Brad was crowned the winner of I’m Not a Celebrity, Get Me There.

With all dramatics aside, we say a big thank you to Kimberley Safari Tours for their generous prize and to everyone who registered to play I’m Not a Celebrity, Get Me There. This is one of the biggest giveaways we’ve ever done and you Family make it all possible. Check out the Finale Vlog (it’s amazing and hilarious to watch grown men diving into swags) and tell us what you think of all the challenges!

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