If you feel like what you do isn’t important…

1 March 2022

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Photo by Brooke Cagle

Andrew Hamilton, the backyard philosopher, joined Kirste and Dan to share some more wisdom.

A lot of people think if you want to be close to God you need to be a pastor or apart of a ministry. “As though if you are a pastor you are serving a higher calling.” But that ends up creating a scale of people who are close to God. “You know where are the plumbers in this? Where are the radio announcers in this?” There are no important and unimportant people in the world. “We all bring value into the world.”

“Everything we do matters. Wherever we go we are the people of God. Change your perspective and think what would it look like if Jesus did my job? Be the Jesus at your workplace and live out your faith the best you can.”

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