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People are freaking out over a spooky doorway found on mars. A recent pictured snapped by the Mars rover, revealed a perfect rectangular doorway that looks like it has been carved out. Conspiracy theorists believe it may be an alien doorway or portal to another planet. But more logical people have pointed out that it may have broken off due to strain on the rock.


Identical twins, gave birth on the same day at the same hospital. Erin Cheplak’s water broke the same day her sister Jill Justiniani had scheduled her C-section. Even the baby’s measurements matched, each weighed 7 pounds and 3 ounces and were and 20 inches long. Giving birth on the same day had been a running joke between the two but they never expected it to really happen. “We’ve always done everything together. It has been amazing to be able to go through life together at every stage. We are truly each other’s best friend.”

(Bethany Jean Photography)

A Perth driver has been fined $50 for excessively honking his horn. Erik Fornasari was driving in West Perth when he approached a roundabout that had been blocked off due to a Covid-19 vaccine protest. Police asked him to turn around but instead he sounded his horn repeatedly.

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