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A United Arab Emirates entrepreneur is deciding whether to taking is $80 MILLION cleaning drinking water experiment to Cape Town or our glorious Perth city.

Now, what exactly is costing $80M?  Just a “wee” (Jeziel’s words) iceberg, that he wants to drag to either city by tug boat! the iceberg will then be “harvested” for drinking water.

This is just a test run for an even bigger project. The end goal is a 2km wide by 500m tall chunk of Antartic ice tugged all the way to the United Arab Emirates. Apparently, this is a cheaper solution to desalinating sea water and will provide the Emirates with a stead supply of drinking water.

The final project would see the iceberg lose 30% of its mass on the 10-month journey from Heard Island to Fujairah and cost up to $150 million!


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